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Publishing a book for the first time can be overwhelming.
There is so much information out there that independent authors can spend hours just researching the right steps needed to publish. But hiring a 'vanity press' is extremely expensive (and according to clients who have come to us for help after trying to deal with a vanity press, not worth it!). So, what's an independent author to do if they don't have the budget for an online publisher to complete their book, or the time to research how to do it themselves?
Hire us to be your virtual assistant throughout the process! We will answer all your questions, help you find professionals to do the work needed (covers, editing, indexing) and successfully get your book published by your deadline.
You pay us an hourly fee to be your virtual assistant and handle all the aspects of your publishing project. We will source graphic designers, editors, book indexers, and any other professional your book needs to get it to peak form. We will then format your book for all platforms needed and help you through the upload process (or, do it for you!).
Our standard rate is $35/hour. The amount of hours needed is completely dependent on the scope of the project (how many professionals we will need to communicate with and how many revisions, changes are requested). If you have a number of books you are publishing within a short period of time we are happy to give an adjusted hourly rate.
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